Author: Matthias Krüger

With the follow applet can be displayed 3D-models from distCAD and other programs in a internetsite interactive.





  left mouse button, rechte Maustaste



+left mouse button



+left mouse button

zoom and perspective change


  right mouse button

display options

  • Bonds
  • Surfaces
  • Turn



reset to middle



zoom all



this axis to viewpoint

Since version 2.0 you can turn around 3-th axis with reight mouse botton. The value from parameter scansurfaces is default 0, because with large file this function is time expensive. All parameter are now changeable by scripting.
For more information see parameter description.


  1. In your Browser must enabled Java (Java JIT-Compiler at least Ver 1.1). When you see above a 3D-objekt, is Java enabled, if not should you install this Java Plugin.
  2. The follow file include all class files as archive: distCADViewerApplet.jar (45 KByte)
    The main class is distCADViewer.class.
  3. You should write in your .html file follow text:


<applet code="distCADViewer.class" archive="distCADViewerApplet.jar" codebase="directory/" width="100" height="100">
<param name="model" value="Test.txt">


codebase can leave out when the archive exist in the same directory.
width und height must be typed.
"Test.txt" is the file name to be displayed. It is possible to write relative to applet's path. (f.E.: "models/Test.txt")

  1. For more information and display options see parameter description.


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