3D-program distCAD



distCADDesign simple wire-models with distCAD. The 3D-models develop during connecting 2 corners with the mouse. Surfaces being computed automatically.

distCAD is freeware and run under all systems with Java. more...


The finished models can be saved as text file and a Java-applet can display them in every HTML-File:
With the applet you can the model turn, move (with Shift) and zoom (with Ctrl). The same methods use the program distCAD. The property of display can be editable by right-clicking.
The applet requires a Java enabled internetbrowser. more...

Since September 2003 exist version 2.0. Several elements can be marked and modifyed together, the length of lines can adjust by draging the mouse, VRML-File in- and export is available and more.

I am glad that you send me feedback, wishes and errors by E-Mail (please click the symbol in the left window).


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